VG Talent Solutions a flat fee professional recruiting consultancy for roles up to $130,000. Leveraging networks established from 35+ years of recruiting for mid-cap to large size companies, Vida Group International has expanded to meet a wide range of our client’s needs.

VG Talent Solutions offers three simple prices

Tier 1


$60,000 to $85,000
Base Salary

Tier 2


$86,000 to $110,000
Base Salary

Tier 3


$111,000 to $130,000
Base Salary

Please note: $5,000 Engagement Fee for each role (applied to final bill ).
If base salary exceeds $130,000, $1,500 will be added to every $5,000 increase up
to $150,000 base.

What Makes Us Successful?


10-14 day for first round presentation. Average fill time 30-60 days.

Our Insights

Having 35+ years experience in multiple functions and industries.


Each role is treated like a project, which uses multiple resources across our organization.

Our Candidates

Our recruiters are dedicated to finding and providing the highest level of competency and diversity in market.

Customer Centric

We partner with our clients and develop the best process and execution that fits their timeline.

We look forward to partnering with you in your journey to finding the best talent, at the best price, with the highest level of service.

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