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Since 1982, our purpose has been finding high potential, culturally diverse, and industry strong candidates that fit each client’s unique needs.

Hire with confidence. Onboard with certainty.

Founded on the principles of wanting our clients to not only find the best talent for their organization, but also to have the best experience possible during the hiring process. Leveraging our 40+ year expertise and network, we are able find talent through various channels that your TA group or HR may not have. As the climate for talent is ever evolving, we at Vida Group strive to be a resource and partner in all your hiring processes to help facilitate change, growth, and success.

Vida Group Recruits Top Talent

As a boutique firm, we have the capability to move quickly and send the first grouping of candidates within 2 to 3 weeks. From the initial interview, to offer negotiation, to onboarding, Vida Group’s process ensures each candidate is fully vetted and prepared. Our consultants have both our clients’ and our candidates’ best interest in mind.

Candidate Experience

At Vida Group, our candidate network is our strongest asset. We appreciate your time and consideration in letting us represent you. Our goal is to help you further your career and have the best possible experience doing so. Let us represent you today.

Diversity Placement Strategy

We understand how important it is to diversify your corporation. We are minority owned and it is in our DNA to gather insights on successful minority professionals.

Growth Planning

For 40+ years, Vida Group has been a premier partner for many of our clients wanting to expand their operations globally. Whether it is an expansion into Mexico, a greenfield project in APAC, or executive replacement in the EU, Vida Group’s subject matter experts are here to assist you in any region.

Our Process

While each search has unique requirements depending on the function, vertical and location, typical search assignments follow a similar process outlined here:

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