Set a hire standard.
World-class people make world-class companies.
Global means Global. Vida Group operates around the world.
Weeks, not months. Vida Group places top talent quickly.

Vida Group Recruits Top Talent

Since 1982 Vida Group International has provided key talent throughout multiple industries and functions. We pride ourselves on finding the best candidate for each unique client.  Vida Group has been a best practice leader in finding high potential, driven, culturally diverse and industry strong candidates for each client to propel them into the next phase of growth or reorganization.

Diverse internal network of candidates, established in 1982 and growing.
Over 95% of selected candidates accept an offer and start on time. Majority staying with a company for at least three years.
An executive member of our team is involved in every search to create lasting relationships, connections and partnerships.
85% of searches close from start to finish within 2-3 months.
First grouping of candidates is sent in 2-3 weeks.

Diversity Placement Strategy

We understand how important it is to diversify your corporation.


We discuss and prioritize your diversity strategy.


Our goal on every search is 50% diversity candidates submitted.

It's Who We Are

We are minority owned and it’s in our DNA to gather insights on successful minority professionals.

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