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Dating back to our beginnings in 1982 supporting the Maquiladora industries in Mexico, Vida Group consultants have experience working with top leaders across all key functions. We support many Fortune 500 and SME’s globally for both OEM’s and suppliers in Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Cable and Wire, Chemical, Diversified Manufacturing, Mining and Metals, Pulp and Paper, and Transportation.


OEM’s to Tier-2 manufacturers require a talent that understands the fast-paced, technical, and project-based industry. With specific pieces fitting into a larger whole, automotive manufacturing has become a complex global industry trying to keep up with emerging market demands; along with established economies changing. Our consultants have experience in recruiting for green fields in multiple countries to Placing C-suite leadership in corporate. With our network reaching 35+ years, Vida Group has built lasting relationships with industry leaders enabling Vida Group to provide the best talent in a short time.

Life Sciences

With many devastating diseases on the verge of eradication, average lifespans ever-increasing, and the baby boomer generation hitting retirement age en; life science companies are poised for continued growth in the 21st century. Having executives that can not only understand how to market and sell successful products globally but also navigate global quality and regulatory hurdles is critical for any life sciences company. Our consultants have a global network that comprises some of the best sales and marketing leaders and scientists, quality, regulatory, government affairs, and operational executives in the world. Our consultants support all the key life science sectors including, Med Device, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology.

Private Equity

Private Equity has been a driving force in the manufacturing climate for many decades. Through M&A and new product developments, PE firms have become more demanding in the space of fast acquisition and growth of carried interests. Vida Group consultants have 20+ year experience of helping firms accomplish those through strong relationships with general partners and understanding the talent expertise required to grow acquisitions in Legal, Operations Management, Country Management, HR, Finance, Quality, Sales & Marketing, and IT.

Consumer Goods

Recruiting effective leaders for consumer-driven companies has become more difficult than ever. With emerging economies taking bigger pieces of global consumption, consumer-based, multinational companies need leaders that understand regional and cultural preferences. Specialized research, sales and marketing, globalized supply chain, and product development leadership is essential to meet the unwavering demands of consumer driven societies. Our CPG consultants understand the demands of achieving results in a global economy and have worked with many top companies in Food and Beverage, Consumer Electronics and Appliances, Hard Goods, Personal Care and Household Products.

Clean Technology

With energy prices stifling global economic growth, the motivation to pursue renewable energy sources remains strong. Opportunities for talented R&D scientists and engineers along with senior leaders that can forge alliances with large corporations and utilities contribute to strong leadership needs in the clean-tech sector. Vida Group consultants have experience working with solar, wind, hydroelectric, and recycling & waste clients.

Business Services

Global demand for executives that can support the global service sector has increased dramatically over the last few years. In the post-recession economy, companies have to do more with less, and as a result, service-based firms are demonstrating their significance in a highly competitive marketplace. Leaders in strategy, M&A, global service delivery, systems integration, re-engineering, global service sales are in demand to support the global service platform. Our consultants have experience in the service sector working with BPO, HRO, ITO, Systems Integration and Cloud Computing, Strategy and M&A Consulting, and Global Finance firms.

Oil, Gas and Process

Oil and Gas executives have come under increasing pressure to manage to combine environmental, regulatory, public relations, and cost barriers with no margin for error. For years our consultants have supported top companies in upstream, downstream, EPC, petrochemical and other process related industries. With our corporate headquarters in Texas, we are close to many of the top oil and gas US base of operations and can provide strong leadership in technical, scientific, operational, and sales functions industry-wide.



With understanding the complexities of today’s business landscape, our financial specialists recognize growing corporations require leaders who recognize its financial strengths and weaknesses, use the inventory, equipment, and personnel to provide clear, strategic, financial growth, and understand the ever-changing demands of specific industries. Our consultants are industry leaders in providing key financial leadership in M&A, accounting, taxation, auditing, financial controls, strategic planning, investor relations, and CFO leadership.

Human Resources

Our HR consultants have close connections that can not only transform stagnant HR organizations but also act as key partners that understand the value HR creates for the business; helping key stakeholders in the organization embrace the changes to keep companies relevant. Our HR consultants provide HR leaders with experience in key areas such as compensation, leadership development, and succession planning, organizational development and effectiveness, emerging market recruitment, labor relations, and diversity.

Information Technology

Our IT consultants can help you find key information technology leaders to increase productivity, minimize business risk and automate global processes within your organization. We have experience in providing Chief Technology Officers, IT Directors and managers who have a proven track record of service, innovation and increased efficiency, improving their company’s security and profitability.

Sales & Marketing

Our sales and marketing leadership consultants can deliver top performers that are innovative and known for delivering measurable results. Many of our top candidates are multilingual with MBA’s from the best global programs and have experience strategizing products on two or more continents. We provide leaders with expertise in consumer insights, social media and marketing, advertising, business development, product development, and product optimization for global sales and branding.


We live in an era of business regulation that is unavoidable. We equip our search consultants to help you find the best-qualified lawyers that specialize counsel, IP and copyright issues, corporate governance and compliance and partners in top law firms globally.

Operational Leadership

Whether you manufacture cutting edge technology or provide innovative, cost-cutting services, companies need operational leaders able to execute. Our consultants work with hundreds of key customers to find outstanding operational executives with experience running global businesses. Each year Vida Group delivers general managers, country presidents, business unit leaders, division and global vice presidents to multinational firms on every continent.


Safety, reliability, and regulatory factors can often be overlooked until a problem arises and forces companies to react rather than prevent crises. Our Quality consultants work with key global executives that stay on the cutting edge of reducing waste, enhancing employee safety and ensuring that global regulatory and environmental demands are met.

Supply Chain

As the global market has become more diverse and complex, best practice Supply Chain leaders are a necessity to maintain the competitive edge for your business.  Whether, it’s business-to-business or to consumer, our consultants provide top talent from demand planning, shipping, procurement & sourcing, purchasing, to delivery and customer satisfaction.

Engineering & Technology

Engineering and technology is the forefront of our ever-changing world.  Finding experience in multiple facets of manufacturing and expertise in product development to project management to managing entire engineering department, Vida Group consultants have the networks and technical understanding it takes to find top tier candidates who bring success and innovation to our client’s products and companies.

Diverse internal network of candidates, established in 1982 and growing.
Over 95% of selected candidates accept an offer and start on time. Majority staying with a company for at least three years.
An executive member of our team is involved in every search to create lasting relationships, connections and partnerships.
85% of searches close from start to finish within 2-3 months.
First grouping of candidates is sent in 2-3 weeks.

Board Advisory

Vida Group’s Board Services Include:

  • Board Diversity and Structure

  • Compensation Practices

  • Director Recruitment

  • Succession Planning

  • Corporate Governance

Diversity Placement Strategy

We understand how important it is to diversify your corporation.


We discuss and prioritize your diversity strategy


Our goal on every search is 50% diversity candidates submitted.

It’s Who We Are

We are minority owned and it’s in our DNA to gather insights on successful minority professionals.

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