Our Process

While each search has unique requirements depending on the function, vertical and location, typical search
assignments follow a similar process outlined here:


Prepare search agreement and Project Scope Documentation.

Vida Group will fully disclose our agreement terms, conditions, and expense arrangements. We outline the project plan prior to beginning each assignment. We also provide a summary of the team that will be engaged on each assignment and ask the client to authorize our contract before engagement of the search.


Identification of Viable Candidates.

“Vida Group will leverage our in-house research staff in conjunction with our client’s list of competitors & admired companies to compile a comprehensive list of targets.”


Vida Group will identify viable candidates for the position using a multidimensional approach that includes:

Passive Candidates. Unlike many firms in the marketplace, Vida Group develops a strong bench of passive candidates continually that are engaged through in person meetings by our consultants in markets throughout the globe. Vida Group targets high-potential candidates through internal referrals and market intelligence to understand each of their career goals and aspirations. We act as career advisors when suitable opportunities arise. As a result, Vida Group has access to many multicultural, multi-lingual, & diverse leaders that are not available in traditional job boards or social sites.

Research. Vida Group will leverage our in-house research staff in conjunction with our client’s list of competitors & admired companies to compile a comprehensive list of targets. Selected individuals will be engaged to assess potential fit with consideration of confidentiality requirements due to competitive knowledge, or replacement of incumbent candidate.

Database Analysis. We assess our internal database containing top leaders & executives around the globe to ensure every candidate within the position scope has been identified for the position requirements, salary and location.

Direct Recruitment. Vida Group will contact individuals directly from the target list including key competitors & adjacent companies to gauge interest discretely and confidentially.


Review of Internal Candidates.

In the event the client identifies potential candidates through their own network, Vida Group will interview those candidates and expose them to the same process & assessments.


Assessments / In-Person Interviews.

“We will ensure that candidates align with the previously identified position requirements and leadership skill-set.”

Each candidate is put through assessment that evaluates objectively for core characteristics, alignment with functional requirements of the role, and capacity. The generated scorecard is used to help rank candidates for our recommendation to the client. We are certified and have access in Hogan, DISC, MBTI, and McQuaig tools.

Vida Group will conduct in-person interviews for all short-listed candidates, and ensure that they align with the previously identified position requirements and leadership skill-set.


Candidate Presentation.

Speed is one of the key deliverables that helps set Vida Group apart from other firms. We typically submit an initial benchmark short list of 3 to 5 vetted candidates in 21 days for domestic assignments and 30 days for global assignments. Though we have a commitment to speed, Vida Group will only present candidates that meet the position requirements and pass our strict internal assessment process.


Progress Updates.

“Vida Group requests status update calls for accountability from both Vida Group’s Project Leader the stakeholders with the client.”

Vida Group requests status update calls for accountability from both Vida Group’s Project Leader the stakeholders with the client. During the status calls, Vida Group will identify any blind spots or challenges in the search. Including but not limited to: compensation and/or experience alignment and expectations, skill gaps, search process methodology and other key observations. In addition, Vida Group will help ensure that the client engages viable candidates in timely manner to minimize the risk of losing candidates’ interest or availability due to competing opportunities.


Reference Checks for Successful Candidates.

Once the client has identified final candidates, we will conduct formal references. Formal reference checks include recommendation from at least one former direct boss and at least one peer reference. We have ability to also verify the education, work history, credit history, legal issues, drug screening, etc. as requested by the client.


Offer Negotiation.


We assist, as appropriate with each client, with the preparation & recommendation for the construction of a competitive offer based on market data and the client’s compensation parameters. We will present and promote an offer to the candidate & act as an intermediary when necessary.

Throughout this stage of the process we will continue to act as a representative of the client according to your direction and best interest. Vida Group will counsel the candidate regarding counter offers and assist in constructing a resignation letter and give guidance throughout the process.



Vida Group will continue to engage the candidate and ensure to the best of our ability that the transition runs smoothly. We will coach the candidate on engaging early with the client, help connect the candidate with the appropriate onboarding resources within the company and make sure that the candidate knows the appropriate expectations.



Our success depends on your satisfaction. At the completion of each search Vida Group welcomes the client to provide feedback & ensure our process aligns with your needs. Our goal is to become your long-term partner and be an extension of your organization, facilitating a better hiring process. We believe in a continuous improvement culture at Vida Group & do our best to incorporate client feedback to make our process even better in future engagements.

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